Photo © Luka Dakskobler

(b. 1989) I’m a Self-taught documentary photographer/Videographer from Bahrain, my work is focusing on social and political issues concerning Middle east, with an artistic interest in photographing architecture and landscape.

I co-founded Everyday Bahrain, a collective of photographers and storytellers sharing various images and narratives from Bahrain.

In addition, Together with my wife Mariam, we founded a travel blog called “Dilmuni couple” that highlights important aspects and stories in the countries that we visit. we also running Arkhabeel Studio for cultural management and production.

Awards, Grants, and Nominations
  • Jan 2016    Al Dana First Prize – Bahrain 42nd Annual Fine Art Exhibition, Bahrain.
  • Aug 2017    Vantage Point Sharjah 5, Sharjah art foundation – Sharjah, UAE.
  • Mar 2017    [Media]tion, Mawane second cultural season – Juffair, Bahrain.
  • Apr 2016    Bahrain – A personal diary? – Bin Matar House, Bahrain.
  • Mar 2016    Views art exhibition – The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain.
  • Mar 2015    The other hundred – Hong Kong, China.
  • Jan 2017    Do you trust me?, Peter Bialobrzeski – Bahrain.
  • Nov 2016    Do you trust me?, Stefan Stark and Julia Baier – Bahrain.
  • Oct 2016    Creative Documentary, Carolyn Drake – Sharjah, UAE.
  • Mar 2014    How to define your photography style?, Louis-Cyprien Rials – Bahrain.
  • Feb 2014    Up close and personal, Ghada Khunji – Bahrain.

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